How Many Puppies Do Bologneses Have? Calculator for Predicting Bolognese Litter Size

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Bolognese Birth

Average Litter Size of Bolognese

Researchers from the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science did a study where they counted the numbers of puppies in 9 different Bolognese birth litters.

From this study, the researchers found that the average number of puppies that Bologneses can have is 4 puppies. Also, the Bolognese can have as few as 2 puppies per litter and as many as 6 puppies per litter.

See how the litter size of the Bolognese compares to that of other dog breeds below:

The average litter size of the Bolognese (in green) compared to the litter sizes of other dog breeds (in red)
Dog Breed Average Litter Size
Leonberger Average Litter Size 8.4
Cane Corso Average Litter Size 8.2
Borzoi Average Litter Size 7.6
Small Munsterlander Average Litter Size 6.9
Eurasier Average Litter Size 6.7
Schapendoes Average Litter Size 6.6
Boxer Average Litter Size 6.6
Saluki Average Litter Size 6.3
Akita Average Litter Size 6.1
Bulldog Average Litter Size 5.4
Glen of Imaal Terrier Average Litter Size 5.3
Miniature Schnauzer Average Litter Size 4.7
Bolognese Average Litter Size 4.7
Ect Landseer Average Litter Size 4.5
Swedish Lapphund Average Litter Size 4.4
Shih Tzu Average Litter Size 4.2
Japanese Spitz Average Litter Size 3.9
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Average Litter Size 3.2
Miniature Poodle Average Litter Size 3.0
Norfolk Terrier Average Litter Size 2.5

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Calculator to Predict How Many Puppies Bolognese Will Have

Bolognese Litter Size Predictor

Your Bolognese`s Current Age:

Method of Pregnancy

Number of Puppies to Expect:

According to the result of the research carried out by researchers from the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science, the number of puppies a Bolognese will have depends on the following main factors:

  • The size of the breed (most important factor): Giant dog breeds tend to have a bigger litter size, while smaller breeds give birth to a smaller number of puppies
  • The method of mating: Natural mating results in a larger litter size than artificial insemination.
  • The age of the female dog: Check out the chart below to see how many puppies a female Bolognese is likely to have at different ages.

According to research, the following factors do not affect litter size:

  • The time of the year of the litter was born (season of birth): Although, from the study, litters born in the Spring seem to be larger than litters from other seasons, however, the difference was not of significance.
  • The number of times a female dog has given birth in the past (known as parity): The age of the female dog is more important to the extent that it makes parity insignificant.

Based on the important factors that affect litter size, the researchers from the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science developed formulas for predicting the litter size of dogs.

We have developed the Bolognese litter size calculator above based on their formulas. Use the calculator to predict how many puppies a Bolognese will have based on the age, and method of pregnancy for a Bolognese

The calculator tells you how many puppies your Bolognese will have if your Bolognese gets pregnant today. The calculator assumes that the length of pregnancy will be two months.

Note that we are NOT in any way encouraging you to breed your Bolognese. Dog breeding requires expertise. If you want to be breeding dogs, get the necessary training. Also, work closely with a veterinarian when breeding a dog.

The table below shows the average litter size to expect from a Bolognese at different ages. This table applies to a Bolognese that conceives through natural mating.

Age (Years) Average Litter Size Litter Size Range
2 4 puppies 3 to 4 puppies
3 4 puppies 3 to 5 puppies
4 4 puppies 3 to 5 puppies
5 4 puppies 3 to 5 puppies
6 4 puppies 2 to 5 puppies
7 4 puppies 2 to 6 puppies
8 4 puppies 2 to 6 puppies
9 3 puppies 1 to 6 puppies

How Much Does the Bolognese Puppy Weigh at Birth?

Veterinarian researchers did a study to find out how much Bolognese puppies weigh at birth. These researchers weighed 10 Bolognese puppies at birth.

Based on the study of the weight of 10 Bolognese puppies, the average weight of the Bolognese at birth is 137 grams (4.9 ounces). The birth weight of the Bolognese puppy typically ranges from 130 grams (4.6 ounces) to 145 grams (5.1 ounces).

16 ounces equal one pound.

The factors that affect the weight of a Bolognese puppy at birth include the size, weight, and age of the mother.

Importantly, research has also shown that female dogs that give birth at ages between 2 and 8 years give birth to puppies that are heavier than puppies birthed by younger or older female dogs.

How Much is a Bolognese Puppy

How Much Bologneses Cost

The average price of a Bolognese puppy is $2030. The price of a Bolognese puppy ranges from $1888 to $2162.

Since the Bolognese has an average litter size of 4, therefore a Bolognese litter birth is worth $8120.

To learn more about the price of Bolognese puppy, check our review on how much Bolognese puppy cost, and Bolognese buying advice.

How Much Bologneses Cost

How Long is a Bolognese Pregnant?

Bologneses are pregnant for 63 days on average (2 months) after conception. However, this is an average value. The length of pregnancy in Bologneses can range from 58-68 days.

However, note that it is difficult to know the exact day that your Bolognese conceives because conception may not happen at the same time that mating happens.

Sperm can live inside a female Bolognese for several days after mating before conception occurs.

How to Ensure a Successful Pregnancy in Bolognese

To ensure that your Bolognese successfully gets pregnant and deliver its puppies, here at the things you can do:

  • Feed your Bolognese well: A good diet will ensure that your Bolognese has the nutrients and the energy it needs to get pregnant and maintain the pregnancy.
  • Make sure your Bolognese is in good health: Ensure you take your Bolognese to the Vet care regularly for checkups, make sure your Bolognese gets regular exercise. Also, make sure that your is not overweight or underweight.

Conclusion on Bolognese Litter Size

Bologneses can have 4 puppies per litter birth on average. The number of puppies that a Bolognese will have depends on factors such as the age of the Bolognese and the method of pregnancy (natural or artificial insemination).

Breeding Bologneses the right way requires expertise and should be done after sufficient training.

Also, you should work closely with a veterinarian when breeding a Bolognese. There are a lot of nuances involved in breeding a dog, which we do not have the time or the space to discuss here.

However, working with a veterinarian will ensure that your Bolognese gets the right treatment necessary to make healthy puppies.

The litter size research study that we used for this article was conducted on Bologneses in Norway. However, the authors of the research believe that the results can be generalized to other countries that have similar dog management systems as Norway.